Club Presentations


05/14/2024Everything Electric VehicleAaron R Dyer, Senior Manager SoCal EdisonOpenOpen
04/09/2024Two Projects in Amateur TelevisionDylon Mutz, N6MXOpenOpen
03/12/2024Test Equipment for Hams, including Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) ExplainedDoug Millar, K6JEYOpenOpen
12/12/2023Backcountry Safety for the Portable OperatorAdam Kimmerly, K6ARKOpenOpen
10/10/2023This Is Not A DrillDennis Kidder, W6DQOpenOpen
06/13/2023W6TRW Field Day 2023 An Experiment in QRPGreg Shreve, KE6YEXOpenOpen
03/14/2023Diplexers, Triplexers, and the Low-Profile MobileAllen Wolff, KC7OOpenOpen
02/14/2023HF Update - Making The Most of Your Operating TimeBill Shanney, W6QROpenOpen
01/10/2023Intro to Amateur Microwave RadioDennis Kidder, W6DQOpenOpen
10/11/2022External Filters for Ham RadioDick Knight, N1OROpenOpen
07/12/2022Sunspot and Radio PropagationTerry Dennison, K9TADOpenOpen
05/10/2022EFHW AntennaBill Shanney, W6QROpenOpen
04/12/2022Activating Parks and Summits on 10W (or less!)Mark Knight, KD7DTSOpenOpen
02/08/2022No Tools TroubleshootingWayne Yoshida, KH6WZOpenOpen
12/14/2021Pizza Pan Antenna Test Fixture, SWR Bridges & NanoVNAAllen Wolff, KC7OOpenOpen
11/09/2021AMSAT GOLFChris Wachs, WA2KDLOpenOpen
10/12/2021Radio Frequency Interference - From Both SidesBill Shanney, W6QROpenOpen
09/14/20212.4GHz XCVR Module for Model Rocket PayloadDylon Mutz, KK6OTKOpenOpen
07/13/2021Stepping Up To A HexbeamChris Newton, N6FROpenOpen
03/09/2021Amateur Radio During the Pandemic... and Post-PandemicDiana Feinberg, AI6DFOpenOpen
02/09/2021Living with a Hydrogen Fuel-Cell AutomobileJim Harrison, K6OUEOpenOpen
01/12/2021Online Amateur Radio ExamsChris Newton, N6FR--Open
12/08/2020VHF Beginner TalkBill Shanney, W6QROpenOpen
11/10/2020Portable Mobile OpsBill Shanney, W6QROpenOpen
10/12/2020A Portable Pi "Shack"Chris Newton, N6EWT--Open
04/14/2020HF UpdateBill Shanney, W6QROpenOpen
11/09/2019Deep Space Communications and the Deep Space NetworkSteve Townes, WB4ILWOpenOpen
10/08/2019Sunnyvale Club Coordination & Activities ExchangeJim Aspinwall, NO1PCOpenOpen
09/10/2019Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS)Brian Johnson, AB6UIOpenOpen
07/09/2019Winlink Overview and DemoBob Lanahan, KK6WYWOpenOpen
02/12/2019HF Radio and Portable OperationsBill Shanney, W6QROpenOpen
12/11/2018What is FT-8 Digital Mode?Chris Wachs, WA2KDLOpenOpen
10/09/2018USAF MARSDeane Bouvier, N5DQOpenOpen
07/11/2018Basic HF AntennasBill Shanney, W6QR--Open
07/11/2018Getting Started in HF OperatingBill Shanney, W6QR--Open
07/10/2018Home-Brew! HF SDR Rig in Go-Box HF Bands for Field Day 2018Mike Aust, WB6DJIOpenOpen
06/12/2018ARRL's Field Day Prep MeetingChris Wachs, WA2KDL & Duane Park, N6DSPOpenOpen
05/08/2018A Tri-Band Antenna for 2 meters, 220 MHz, & 70 cm Antenna Without RadialsEdison Fong, WB6IQNOpenOpen
04/10/2018Summits On The AirJeff Reed, KK6TXOOpenOpen
01/09/20183D PrintingAllen Wolff, KC7OOpenOpen
12/12/2017QRP - Low Power OperationBill Shanney, W6QROpenOpen
10/10/2017Custom USB Device for PTT ControlDylon Mutz, KK6OTKOpenOpen
09/12/20172017 HF UpdateBill Shanney, W6QR--Open
07/11/2017Making a Fridge Semi-Smart with Arduino and Raspberry PiLloyd Matthews, N6ENTOpenOpen
05/09/2017Fun Project with Raspberry PiMichael Bao, AI6BJOpenOpen
09/13/2016Portable HF OperationsBill Shanney, W6QR--Open
07/12/2016Building the Early Bird JennyRhon Williams, KJ6IRJOpenOpen
04/12/2016Los Angeles County Disaster Communications ServiceDeane Bouvier, N5DQ--Open
07/14/2015HF Transceiver NotesBill Shanney, W6QR--Open