October 2023 archive

W6TRW 55th Annual Awards Banquet – Nov 11, 2023

W6TRW 55th Annual Awards Banquet 2023! “Surprises in Ham Radio” Presented by: AI6DF Diana Feinberg Welcome back to our Annual Awards Banquet! Diana Feinberg, AI6DF, will be presenting Surprises in Ham Radio. While there are some “technical” surprises in ham radio, many ham surprises are part of everyday life that reflect who we are. Diana …

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W6TRW Club Meeting October 10, 2023

Speaker Topic for this Month: “This is Not a Drill” – When a Mass Casualty Incident Drill Turns Real”   Orange County regularly conducts county-wide mass casualty exercises. Guest speaker, Dennis W6DQ, will be sharing the story of how a mass casualty exercise became a REAL MCI, ultimately the largest MCI in Orange County’s history. …

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