November 2021 archive

W6TRW Club Meeting December 14, 2021

Speaker Topic for this Month: “Pizza Pan Antenna Test Fixture, SWR Bridges & NanoVNA” Allen Wolff, KC7O Allen Wolff, KC7O, has held an Amateur license for 57 years (in NY, NJ, IN, UT and CA), is an ARRL Life Member, and earned his First Class FCC Radio Telephone License (now General Radio Telephone) in 1974. …

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W6TRW Club Meeting November 9, 2021

Speaker Topic for this Month: “AMSAT GOLF” Chris Wachs, WA2KDL   The goal of the GOLF program is to work by steps through a series of increasingly capable spacecraft to learn skills and systems for which we do not yet have any low-risk experience.  Among these are active attitude control, deployable/steerable solar panels, radiation tolerance for …

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