W6TRW Club Meeting May 14th, 2024

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“Everything Electrical Vehicles”

Aaron Dyer

Aaron Dyer moved to California in 2007 and has lived in Ontario since 2011. He is the Senior Manager of the Program Design and Development team in Southern California Edison (SCE)’s Customer Programs and Services organization. His team focuses on designing programs and services for SCE’s customers that will advance the deployment of clean energy solutions, with specific focus on transportation and building electrification. Aaron is an engineer-by-training and, prior to joining SCE in 2019, he spent over a decade designing emissions control systems for power plants and petrochemical facilities. He went on to manage the development of multiple lithium-ion based energy storage products.

Aaron will be presenting Everything About Electrical Vehicles (EVs). Whether one chooses a pre-owned or a new car, this presentation will help the consumers make informed decisions as this is a significant household purchase. Some topics are getting started on the road to ownership, what’s involved along the way, and how to maximize cost-saving benefits while going green with EV. Learn how SCE customers saved time and costs by making the switch to EV.

When: Tuesday, May 14th at 5:30 PM

Where: Northrop Grumman S-Cafe and Virtual Meeting on Zoom


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833