W6TRW Club Meeting May 14th, 2024

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“Everything Electrical Vehicles”

Aaron Dyer

Aaron Dyer moved to California in 2007 and has lived in Ontario since 2011. He is the Senior Manager of the Program Design and Development team in Southern California Edison (SCE)’s Customer Programs and Services organization. His team focuses on designing programs and services for SCE’s customers that will advance the deployment of clean energy solutions, with specific focus on transportation and building electrification. Aaron is an engineer-by-training and, prior to joining SCE in 2019, he spent over a decade designing emissions control systems for power plants and petrochemical facilities. He went on to manage the development of multiple lithium-ion based energy storage products.

Aaron will be presenting Everything About Electrical Vehicles (EVs). Whether one chooses a pre-owned or a new car, this presentation will help the consumers make informed decisions as this is a significant household purchase. Some topics are getting started on the road to ownership, what’s involved along the way, and how to maximize cost-saving benefits while going green with EV. Learn how SCE customers saved time and costs by making the switch to EV.

When: Tuesday, May 14th at 5:30 PM

Where: Northrop Grumman S-Cafe and Virtual Meeting on Zoom


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833

W6TRW Club Meeting April 9th, 2024

Speaker Topic for this Month:

Two Projects in Amateur Television

Dylon Mutz, N6MX

Dylon is the W6TRW Amateur Radio Club 2024 President and Shackmaster. He graduated from CSU, Fullerton in 2015 with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and started his career at NG shortly after in digital design and verification. Dylon joined W6TRW around the same time and credits club members for everything he knows about RF. His interests and projects cover digital hardware, software, and RF. Dylon has also helped manage and participate in our Tower 2 refurb, and in the past two years, he has organized a number of work parties for new HF antennas, a complete re-build of our club’s satellite station, as well as implementing and assisting our repeater upgrades and Allstar nodes, and participating in the annual ARRL VHF contests. Dylon has also been a key member of the W6TRW Field Day team for the past few years.

Come hear Dylon N6MX’s talk about his experience getting into Amateur Television! Dylon will summarize some of the main things he’s learned and present two new and exciting ways he’s used to get on ATV. The first project combines the wideband Pluto SDR, a RTL-SDR dongle, and everyone’s favorite hobby computer, the Raspberry Pi, to build the “Portsdown” digital ATV transceiver! The second project uses inexpensive commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) drone hardware to get on 5.8GHz! Dylon will show the parts needed and how to put these systems together so you can get on the air too!

When: Tuesday, April 9th at 5:30 PM

Where: Northrop Grumman S-Cafe and Virtual Meeting on Zoom


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833

W6TRW Club Meeting March 12th, 2024

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“Test Equipment for Hams, including Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) Explained”

Doug Millar, K6JEY

K6JEY explores practical, affordable choices for hams with the latest test tools and equipment from the lesser known to the more familiar instrument operating capabilities and alternatives to help you make the right decision.

Is your multimeter accurate?!

Bring yours in for a test using Doug’s voltage and resistance standards!

Doug Millar, call-sign K6JEY, has been a ham since 1957 and since 1990 likes to operate EME (Moon Bounce) on the sidewalk in front of his home. He is the ARRL Technical Advisor in Metrology, having written the 26th chapter in the ARRL Handbook on Test Equipment and Procedures (1995-2014), and keeps a home lab for measuring frequency, resistance, and RF power. K6JEY enjoys HF CW, AM, boat anchors, and microwaves. Doug has radios on bands up to 122 GHz. He holds an EdD in Educational Technology and is a semi-retired professor.

He will be leading a visit to Owens Valley Radio Observatory on the Weekend of June 7. The visit will include a tour of the observatory and nighttime astronomy. You can bring your own scope or look through others. More information is available if you email him at drzarkof56@yahoo.com.

When: Tuesday, March 12th at 5:30 PM

Where: Northrop Grumman S-Cafe and Virtual Meeting on Zoom


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833

W6TRW Club Meeting February 13th, 2024

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“Portable Operation – Preparation and Equipment Selection”

Bill Shanney, W6QR

W6TRW welcomes one of its own, longtime members, Bill Shanney, W6QR. A ham operator since 1960, Bill has written many technical articles and talks for W6TRW and stays current with ham radio items of interest for beginners to the most advanced operators.

“My first call was WV2RDG in NJ. I became WA2RDG when I got my general in 1961. I operate 99.5% CW on 160-6M. After a long period of inactivity (career and family) I upgraded to extra class in 1988 and became very active. That is also the year that I joined the TRW ARC. I have a BSEE from NJ Institute of Technology and worked for 45 years in RF and microwave design. I retired from NG/TRW in 2007 after 31 years with the company.”

Portable operating is becoming more popular. With the rapid rise of Sunspot Cycle 25, band conditions are more favorable to low power operation. In this presentation, Bill will talk about making the best use of your time and getting the most performance from your equipment. A portable operator needs to know a little about propagation and understand the performance of their antenna. He will talk about Propagation: When Should I Go Out, Vertical Antenna Performance, Horizontal Antenna Placement, and QRP Field Day.

When: Tuesday, February 13th at 5:30 PM

Where: Northrop Grumman S-Cafe and Virtual Meeting on Zoom


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833

W6TRW Club Meeting January 9th, 2024

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“What is AREDN?”

Orville Beach, W6BI

Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN™) is a high speed data network built with Amateur Radio Operators and Emergency Communications Infrastructure in mind.

AREDN Ambassador, Orv Beach, W6BI, will explain the mission of the AREDN Project, what a mesh network is, and a high-level “how to” on designing a wide-area mesh for restoring Inter/intra data-networking during disasters when primary network infrastructure has failed. Examples of what has been and can be deployed across these networks:

  • Computer Aided Dispatch (Responder management)
  • Incident response and mapping solutions
  • Static and video imagery of evolving situations.
  • Real-time communications and systems
  • Winlink message networks
  • Asset management and monitoring (Repeater control, solar power management, etc.)

Orv W6BI lives in Simi Valley, California. He’s a retired Linux system administrator, an ARRL Santa Barbara Section Technical Specialist and an AREDN Ambassador.

Orv W6BI was first licensed as WN6WEY in 1967. He’s been into with digital ham radio most of his life, starting with CW. He worked his way up through RTTY, PACTOR, packet radio and PSK31, and started messing around with ham radio networking in 2014. He helped deploy the initial network nodes and backbone buildout in Ventura County and western Los Angeles County. He currently administers several dozens of them.

He is also active in coordinating the build-out and maintenance of the wider Southern California ham radio network, which now spans from Paso Robles in Central California to the Mexican border and east of Las Vegas, comprising over 450 nodes (both hilltop and ground-level); including hospitals, police departments and EOCs.

As an AREDN Ambassador he has given over 60 presentations about ham radio networking using AREDN software over the last five years and elmered many hams worldwide on ham radio networking. He’s active in AREDN groups in Facebook, Slack, Telegram, and Discord, and monitors the forums on the AREDN website.

When: Tuesday, January 9th at 5:30 PM

Where: Northrop Grumman S-Cafe and Virtual Meeting on Zoom


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833

W6TRW Winter Field Day 2024

W6TRW Amateur Radio Club

Winter Field Day 2024

Welcome to our first W6TRW Winter Field Day!


  • Date January 27-28, 2024
  • Time 1100 Saturday – 1059 Sunday (PST)


  • Chino Hills State Park at the Rolling M. Ranch Campground, Site #GC1


  • Please RVSP to Winter Field Day Chairs by email
    • Dylon Mutz, N6MX, n6mx@arrl.net
    • Mark Knight, KD7DTS, kd7dts@arrl.net


The mission of Winter Field Day (WFD) is to encourage emergency preparedness during winter months when weather presents unique operational challenges. WFD will:

1 – Build your skills/confidence for winter camping

2 – Provide experience conducting outdoor radio communications under unusual conditions


Tents only. The group site we have reserved is a drive-up primitive site. There is a bathroom, but no other amenities. (you can reserve your own adjacent site if you want to bring a camper)

Chino Hills typically has January temperatures in the range of 69° / 40° – make sure you bring enough layers and a warm sleeping bag.


Bring your own food! The club is not providing food – this is a chance to plan how you’d eat in an emergency. Bagged, dehydrated food is an option – or you can bring a stove and get creative!


Chino Hills SP offers opportunities for both Summits on the Air (SOTA) and Parks on the Air (POTA) activations – you can do these in addition to participation in WFD!

  • SOTA San Juan Hill, W6/CT-230 (5.5 mile round trip hike from camp, with 1200 ft of ascent)
  • POTA Chino Hills State Park, K-1139

Click here for more W6TRW Winter Field Day Information

W6TRW Club Meeting December 12th, 2023

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“Backcountry Safety for the Portable Operator”

Adam Kimmerly, K6ARK

“That Others May Live” – These four simple words define the passion and drive Search and Rescue (SAR) people have, and adverse conditions they put themselves through, to save others in distress.

The talk will focus on hams operators taking part in portable activity. Adam K6ARK will show us planning and preparation, what to do in an emergency, and how search and rescue works.

Adam K6ARK has been a ham since 2010 when he earned his technician license. It all started because Adam wanted to learn more about the radios he was using on the SAR team he joined in 2005.  Ham radio is found to be a slippery slope as Adam earned his general class, then extra class license, became addicted to Summits on the Air (SOTA), and went deep down the rabbit hole of antenna design and construction. He is still a member of that same SAR team and spends as much of his time as possible outside and in the mountains.

When: Tuesday, December 12th at 6:30 PM

Where: Virtual Meeting on Zoom

Meetings will continue virtually online for the time being. We will remain Virtual until the S-cafeteria renovation is complete.


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833

W6TRW 55th Annual Awards Banquet – Nov 11, 2023

W6TRW 55th Annual Awards Banquet 2023!

“Surprises in Ham Radio”

Presented by: AI6DF Diana Feinberg

Welcome back to our Annual Awards Banquet! Diana Feinberg, AI6DF, will be presenting Surprises in Ham Radio. While there are some “technical” surprises in ham radio, many ham surprises are part of everyday life that reflect who we are.

Diana Feinberg, AI6DF, has served as ARRL Los Angeles Section Manager since 2016 and in numerous other ham radio capacities since 2006. She has been most closely associated with the Palos Verdes Amateur Radio Club at the club level and for emergency communication with the Los Angeles County Disaster Communication Service’s Lomita/South Los Angeles/Marina del Rey districts. Despite living in an antenna-restricted HOA she has worked 95 countries on the HF bands using simple indoor wire dipole antennas with 100 watts or less.

Join us for a fantastic catered dinner, socialize with other club members and hams, and learn more about our great hobby! Club members also have the opportunity to win door prizes!

When: Saturday, Nov. 11th, 2023, 5:00PM – 8:00PM

Where: The Depot Restaurant – Kimono Room, 1250 Cabrillo Ave., Torrance, CA

Click here for the REGISTRATION FORM

Your RSVP needs to be received by Friday, October 27th

Have you renewed your membership? If not, click Here

NOTE: The Banquet takes the place of the monthly Club Meeting. There will be no regular Club Meeting in November!


W6TRW Club Meeting October 10, 2023

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“This is Not a Drill” – When a Mass Casualty Incident Drill Turns Real”


Orange County regularly conducts county-wide mass casualty exercises. Guest speaker, Dennis W6DQ, will be sharing the story of how a mass casualty exercise became a REAL MCI, ultimately the largest MCI in Orange County’s history.

Dennis was first licensed as WN6NIA in 1969 and was granted W6DQ, the callsign of one of his Elmers, a little over 10 years back. He is a retired systems engineer out of the aerospace industry, having worked on everything from satellites to airport telecommunications systems, military air traffic control to battlefield comms. His interests in ham radio range from weak signal VHF/UHF/microwave to boat anchor collecting and restoration.  Dennis  is an amateur radio renaissance man, a collector of the game changing radios from pre-World War 2  to the present. He enjoys 80 meter AM on his Collins broadcast transmitter and working 10 GHz SSB with the San Bernardino Microwave Society.  Dennis is the co-author of Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio and a sought-after speaker at ham radio events.


When: Tuesday, October 10th at 6:30 PM

Where*: Virtual Meeting on Zoom

* Please note that this meeting will be Virtual via Zoom. We will remain Virtual until the S-cafeteria renovation is complete.


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833

W6TRW Club Meeting September 12, 2023

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“Phenomenally cool microwave kit”

Tony Long, KC6QHP

Guest speaker, Tony Long, KC6QHP presents some phenomenally cool microwave kit!

Since the mid 1990’s, Tony Long has been captivated by 10 GHz and beyond and has built numerous radio systems for those higher bands. In this presentation, he will discuss some of the equipment he has built and share the reasons for his design and fabrication decisions.

Tony Long’s current ham radio goal is to make at least one QSO on all the amateur radio bands, from 137 kHz to 241 GHz. Between 1.8MHz and 1.2 GHz, it is reasonably easy to find commercial equipment, but at the extremities, things become a bit more challenging.

Attached photo: Tony KC6QHP’s dual band (10 and 24 GHz) station operating during the 2022 ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest from Los Arboles Rocketship Park in Torrance.


When*: Tuesday, September 12th at 5:30 PM

Where*: Northrop Grumman S-Cafe and Virtual Meeting on Zoom

* Please note that this meeting is both On-Campus and Virtual via Zoom. The time is at 5:30 PM (previous meetings were at 6:30 pm).


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833