W6TRW Club Meeting January 10, 2023

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“Intro to Amateur Microwave Radio — History of amateur microwave and how to get started”

Dennis Kidder W6DQ

“Hams have always pushed technological limits … in the 20’s SHF meant 28 mcs, and today, we are pushing into mm wavelengths.  We will share a brief history of microwave communications by amateurs, and describe what is needed to get started yourself.”

Dennis was first licensed as WN6NIA in 1969 and was granted W6DQ, the callsign of one of his Elmers, a little over ten years back. He is a retired system engineer out of the aerospace industry, having worked on everything from satellites to airport telecommunications systems, military air traffic control to battlefield comms. Dennis is an amateur radio renaissance man, a collector of the game changing radios from pre World War 2 to the present. He enjoys 80 meter AM on his Collins broadcast transmitter and working 10 GHz SSB with the San Bernardino Microwave Society. Dennis is the co author of Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio and a sought after speaker at ham radio events.

When: Tuesday, January 10th at 6:30 PM

Where: Virtual Meeting on Zoom

Meetings will continue virtually online for the time being, but we plan to discuss returning to in-person meetings in 2023! Stay tuned for future updates!


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833