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W6TRW Club Meeting September 12, 2023

Speaker Topic for this Month: “Phenomenally cool microwave kit” Tony Long, KC6QHP Guest speaker, Tony Long, KC6QHP presents some phenomenally cool microwave kit! Since the mid 1990’s, Tony Long has been captivated by 10 GHz and beyond and has built numerous radio systems for those higher bands. In this presentation, he will discuss some of …

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W6TRW Club Meeting January 10, 2023

Speaker Topic for this Month: “Intro to Amateur Microwave Radio — History of amateur microwave and how to get started” Dennis Kidder W6DQ “Hams have always pushed technological limits … in the 20’s SHF meant 28 mcs, and today, we are pushing into mm wavelengths.  We will share a brief history of microwave communications by …

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