W6TRW Club Meeting September 12, 2023

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“Phenomenally cool microwave kit”

Tony Long, KC6QHP

Guest speaker, Tony Long, KC6QHP presents some phenomenally cool microwave kit!

Since the mid 1990’s, Tony Long has been captivated by 10 GHz and beyond and has built numerous radio systems for those higher bands. In this presentation, he will discuss some of the equipment he has built and share the reasons for his design and fabrication decisions.

Tony Long’s current ham radio goal is to make at least one QSO on all the amateur radio bands, from 137 kHz to 241 GHz. Between 1.8MHz and 1.2 GHz, it is reasonably easy to find commercial equipment, but at the extremities, things become a bit more challenging.

Attached photo: Tony KC6QHP’s dual band (10 and 24 GHz) station operating during the 2022 ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest from Los Arboles Rocketship Park in Torrance.


When*: Tuesday, September 12th at 5:30 PM

Where*: Northrop Grumman S-Cafe and Virtual Meeting on Zoom

* Please note that this meeting is both On-Campus and Virtual via Zoom. The time is at 5:30 PM (previous meetings were at 6:30 pm).


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833