W6TRW Club Meeting October 11, 2022

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“External Filters for Ham Radio:
How to solve a problem, have fun, and make more contacts!”

Dick Knight, N1OR

Hams often encounter interference that can be easily eliminated with the right external
filter. Dick will discuss when this is likely to occur and share tips on how to select a suitable
filter to solve the problem. Options to consider include purchase of completed filters, kits,
and even DIY design. Dick’s talk will include an overview of these options with examples and
sources. Tips will also be included for filter selection, construction, design and evaluation.
Building a filter can be a very enjoyable activity as well as resulting in more contacts in
challenging environments.

Like many University of Illinois graduates, Dick was drawn to the exciting California electronics industry of the 1970’s. He spent a career in government electronics (Watkins Johnson), instrumentation (Tektronix) and a display start up ( Sarif ). In “retirement” he served as Interim Dean of Engineering (Portland State) and other academic roles. In the ‘90’s Dick, his wife and two sons became hams and enjoyed communicating while hiking and climbing in the Oregon wilderness. More recently his son, KD7DTS, began using a Software Defined Radio in high interference areas and enticed Dick into the challenges and pleasures of designing, making, and using external ham radio filters.


When: Tuesday, October 11th at 6:30 PM

Where: Virtual Meeting on Zoom

Due to continued COVID-19 public health guidelines, the W6TRW Club Meetings will not be held in person. Instead, there will be a Virtual Meeting held on Zoom. Click on the link below on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


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Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833