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W6TRW General Meeting – Tuesday November 10, 2020 Repeater Net & Zoom

 W6TRW General Meeting 5:30PM 6:30 PM Tuesday 10 November Will Be Replaced by Repeater Net on the W6TRW 2 meter and 440 MHz repeaters, and a Zoom meeting. For the 10 November Tuesday 5:30PM 6:30PM call-in, here is the W6TRW repeater info ( https://w6trw.com/repeaters/ ):  VHF 2 Meters • 145.320 MHz, Offset: -600 kHz, PL: …

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W6TRW General Meeting – Tuesday October 13, 2020 Repeater Net & Zoom

Hi, all! We’re going to try something different for the Tuesday 13 October net.  Since a number of our W6TRW members can’t hit the local South Bay based W6TRW repeaters, we have decided to try Zoom, which other amateur radio clubs are using. Zoom isn’t as bad as the reputation that precedes it– you can …

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W6TRW General Meeting – Tuesday February 12, 2019

W6TRW General Meeting February 12, 2019 Tuesday @ 6:00pm QTH: Roundtable Pizza, 4330 Redondo Beach Blvd, Torrance  Bill Shanney, W6QR, will present HF Radio and Portable Operations Special CW Feature: Keys and Keyers Bill Shanney, the W6TRW Club Elmer, at his operating bench W6TRW welcomes one its own, longtime members, Bill Shanney, W6QR.  A ham …

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