Wednesday Noon W6TRW Radio Nets

For many years, we have held a weekly Wednesday noon radio net on our 145.320 MHz and 447.000 MHz repeaters, for W6TRW Emergency Communications Team members to check in.  We are now opening this net to all W6TRW members, to get more club participation, and  generally increase the number of members who are aware of emergency communications resources.

Check-ins to this net reply with their general location, and their radio communication capabilities at the time.

We’re also looking for more control operators for this net.  Control ops rotate on a schedule, typically only coming around every 4 weeks or more.  There is a brief script to read, and a simple structure to the net, that you can hear by tuning in on any Wednesday noon.  The whole net only takes about 10-15 minutes.  Please contact Greg, KE6YEX if you want to join the control op rotation.

HF Family Net:

Also at noon on Wednesday is a long-running company net on 14.270 MHz.  Employees / retirees are welcome to check in and represent the West Coast!

If you want to volunteer for (or find out about) various radio-related events or activities taken on by members of the W6TRW club, please send us a message and we will get you in touch with the right members.