W6TRW Club Meeting April 11, 2023

Speaker Topic for this Month:

“Electric Aircraft – Survey and Applications”

Rhon Williams, KJ6IRJ

A survey of past, present, and future aircraft using electric motor(s) to drive propeller(s), within a rapidly changing industry. Discussions will include the technologies and applications that drive the aircraft design.  There are currently new models of flight training aircraft coming to the market that promise lower costs per hour, while providing sufficient flight endurance for much of the typical training activity.  Also in development are personal use, urban air mobility, and even hybrid powered transport aircraft.


Rhon Williams (KJ6IRJ) is an FAAST Representative and holds Commercial-SMEL, Helicopter, Glider, and CFI-AIG pilot ratings and is an A&P mechanic.

He is co-owner of a Cirrus SR22, in which he and his wife fly throughout the country.

Rhon is also an active experimental home-builder having completed a plans-built Early Bird Jenny

which first flew in December 2015.


When: Tuesday, April 11th at 6:30 PM

Where: Virtual Meeting on Zoom

Meetings will continue virtually online for the time being, but we plan to discuss returning to in-person meetings in 2023! Stay tuned for future updates!


Meeting ID: 827 9465 4895

Phone dial-in: 1 669 900 6833