W6TRW General Meeting – Tuesday July 14, 2020 Will Be Replaced by Repeater Net

W6TRW General Meeting

Will Be Replaced by Repeater Net

Tuesday July 14, 2020 @ 5:30pm

QTH: Virtual by Net 

Net Control: Greg Shreve, KE6YEX

Due to continued COVID-19 public health guidelines, the W6TRW Amateur Radio Club monthly meeting will not be held in person. But to take its place, as a virtual meeting, we will hold a radio net Tuesday 14 July starting at 5:30 PM, on the W6TRW FM repeaters.

We don’t have a speaker topic for this July meeting, but we will do a quick Field Day re-cap, to ask what people did for Field Day.

If you want to associate your Field Day effort with out club, W6TRW, please enter exactly the club name: W6TRW AMATEUR RADIO CLUB on the ARRL Field Day entry form: https://field-day.arrl.org/fdentry.php

During the net, we will also have a Discord session running in parallel, for text chat and voice chat, for members who cannot reach the W6TRW repeaters, or in general for member messaging. Discord can also be used for screen-sharing and presentations.
Discord can be run in many ways – as a mobile app, in a browser window (http://www.discord.com), or as a desktop app. Please see the attached PDF instructions for quickly setting up a Discord user account, and for joining W6TRW sessions.
The Discord setup instructions are also at https://w6trw.com/wp-content/uploads/W6TRW-Discord-User-Setup.pdf or at the W6TRW Presentations page https://w6trw.com/club-meeting-presentations/. It’s easy and safe to make an account.

Repeater info ( https://w6trw.com/repeaters/ ):

VHF 2 Meters • 145.320 MHz, Offset: -600 kHz, PL: 114.8 Hz; Located in Redondo Beach, CA • All-Star node 505680

UHF 440 MHz • 447.000 MHz, Offset: -5 MHz, PL: 100.0 Hz; Located in Palos Verdes, CA • All-Star node 505681

Here’s a fun ham radio event, 8-9 August 2020, that you can do from your computer. This is like the Ham Expo events that take place every year or two, except this year, it’s virtual. There is a great list of speakers, and virtual booths by all the usual vendors. Free registration: https://qsotoday.vfairs.com/en/registration

QSO Today Virtual Ham Radio Expo https://qsotoday.vfairs.com/en/

The speakers’ talks will be on the website for 30 days. It looks like a bunch of good ones.