W6TRW General Meeting – Tuesday July 9, 2019

W6TRW General Meeting

July 9, 2019 Tuesday @ 6:00pm

QTH: Roundtable Pizza, 4330 Redondo Beach Blvd, Torrance 

Bob Lanahan, KK6WYW:

“Winlink Tutorial and Demo

Winlink is…a global email system via radio.

…a worldwide radio email service that uses radio pathways where the internet is not present, and is capable of operating completely without the internet–automatically–using smart-network radio relays. Winlink provides its users email with attachments, position reporting, weather and information bulletins, and is well-known for its role in emergency and disaster relief communications.

Licensed Winlink operators/stations use both amateur radio and government radio frequencies worldwide. The system is built, operated and administered entirely by licensed volunteers. https://www.winlink.org/


Bob started Amateur radio with a technician’s license in Oct, 2015, he upgraded to general in Feb, 2017. He’s a member of the TRW, Aerospace, HARC, SBARC and ESARG radio clubs. In addition to digital modes, he’s helping Aerospace upgrade their club shacks with new equipment, including radios and antennas. Bob has done a few Summit’s On The Air (SOTA) hikes, including with Jeff Reed.