W6TRW General Meeting – Tuesday April 9, 2019

W6TRW General Meeting

April 9, 2019 Tuesday @ 6:00pm
QTH: Roundtable Pizza, 4330 Redondo Beach Blvd, Torrance 

David Ziskin, AG6E, will present

Tour of Duty: Antarctica

For the Antarctica research season of 2005/2006, I was aboard the USNS Paul Buck (which has since been decommisioned) as the Radio-Electronics Officer (REO) for the trip.  We made the trip south and met up with the Lawrence Gold, the Krasin, and the USCGC Polar Star.  Our radio equipment allowed coverage from 1.5 – 30MHz.  Voice only, no telegraph.

AG6E is one of Battleship Iowa (BB-61) Amateur Radio Association Directors. NI6BB is a member of K6AA, United Radio Club (URAC) located within L.A. Maritime Museum in San Pedro.

Pictured: Dave, AG6E and Doug Dowds, W6HB, key note speakers at the 2018 W6TRW Awards Banquet.

“I have had a ham license for over 60 years.

Currently, I am involved with the Veterans Administration, as a Communications Specialist and as a drone pilot in the Emergency Operations Dept..I have been a sea-going radio officer – when we had such things.”