Volunteers Wanted for Baker to Vegas in March

This is the 35th Annual Baker to Vegas 2019

We need help!

Baker to Vegas is a 120-mile relay run, there are 20 stages. This is held every year in March. Runners are police officers from around the country and from other countries.

Currently, there are 270 teams that participate in this event. There are over 6000 runners and support staff, several hundred Family members, friends, Thousands of Race volunteers, like the W6TRW amateur radio club.

There are two websites that would explain what goes on,    



It is up to the amateur radio operators to keep track of all of the runners that are on the course.

About eight years ago W6TRW  amateur radio club got involved with doing radio communications for this event. Our club sponsors stage 18. It’s a special spot for us, it is located in the middle of a neighborhood so this stage must be silent.

We use radios to communicate and also computers.  We also use the clubs radio truck for this event.

This is one event that there is real emergency traffic taking place.

 Staffing:  We are looking for 7 more Volunteers and looking for an IT person.

This event takes place on March 23 and 24 of 2019 

If there is anybody interested in this event Please contact: Ray Enriquez 310-678-2732 or Email  radioray22@sbcglobal.net 

You’ll need to make a Hotel reservation.